Neurotoxin Treatments Help In Reducing Signs Of Aging In Sugar Land Patients

Neurotoxins, which include Botox and Xeomin have become popular injections in reducing wrinkles, fold lines and signs of aging on the face and are FDA approved. Today, everyone is concerned about reducing wrinkles and fold lines without the need of plastic surgery on their face, we have help for this problem with non-surgical treatments.

Injectable medications known as Botox and Xeomin are known as neurotoxins or as neuromodulators. These medications are injected into specific muscles either on the face or body which can reduce the tension and contraction of certain muscles. Botox and Xeomin are both made of botulinum toxin type A and has been safely used over many years to help combat folds and wrinkles. There are other FDA approved medical uses for Botox to help in certain medical conditions.

Dr. Naz Keshwani of Elite Doc Health and Beauty in Sugar Land will help each of his patients with the treatment of neurotoxins for wrinkle and fold lines reduction. During a consultation, some patients will discover that a combination of Botox/Xeomin and other injectables will provide them with optimal results. Our clinicians are experienced in consulting with each patient in order to achieve their optimum results, without the need of plastic surgery or totally invasive procedures.

Depending on each patients’ wrinkles and skin tone they will be provided with a treatment plan to help with the reduction in the signs of aging and their overall appearance. Each non-invasive procedure will be explained and a solution to address each issue and concern will be covered.

What Happens during the procedure?

  • During the procedure, you will be met by Dr. Keshwani who will discuss your specific treatment area.
  • An assisting clinician will hold a cold air blower over the injection area to reduce the feeling of any discomfort.
  • Dr. Keshwani will advise you as he applies each injection and where he is applying them.
  • After the short time frame of injections, he will let you know of the results and comfort to expect.
Before and After Photos of patients with neurotoxin treatments

If you live in or around the Sugar Land, Texas area we can help you with all your anti-aging concerns. Book your free initial consultation here at Elite Doc Health and Beauty and our group of professionals will be happy to help you in learning how to reduce the signs of wrinkles and aging with Botox or Xeomin neurotoxin treatments.