Microneedling with PRP/Stem Cells

The Microneedling with prp/stems cells treatment we offer is unique and helps with the anti-aging process and the stimulation of collagen production.

The Secret RF system is an advanced system of anti-aging technology that will combine micro-needling with fractional RF skin resurfacing. This process will dramatically increase the results for skin lifting, tightening and the rejuvenation process on your skin. Along with anti-aging this process can be used to help in producing hair growth for thinning hair.

This procedure will kick start the body’s natural healing process through the process of stimulating collagen production. This process is a widely used facial rejuvenation technique based on the infusion of important substances such as vitamins into the skin. During the PRP the technician injects a material that comes from our own body after a thorough preparation.

This is a non-surgical procedure which can be used to help in the following:

  • Skin tightening
  • Reduction of wrinkles
  • Thread veins
  • Acne Scars
  • Skin blemishing and age spots
  • Hair growth stimulation

The advantages of the Secret RF system.

  1. Stunning results for all skin types.
  2. Very low risk of side effects and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.
  3. Wide range of treatments by adjusting the depths of the needles.

For more information and to schedule your initial consultation call 832-446-3206.

Before – thinning hair of Naz Keshwani, MD

After – 4 weeks post procedure of Naz Keshwani, MD



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