Botox for TMJ


Botox® has been found as an alternative treatment for TMJ pain.

Botox can be injected in the jaw muscles to treat TMJ disorders.

Dr. Naz Keshwani is treating patients with TMJ (temporo-mandibular joint) disease and the pain which is affecting the jaw area with Botox injections. These Injections are specifically located in facial muscles which are causing pain in the facial area. BOTOX® helps relieve TMJ and jaw pain for many recipient’s. These injections can also frequently relieve the pain from the headaches caused by grinding of the teeth. Treatments for TMJ problem areas is currently in the experimental phase but evidence has proven them to be highly effective with patients.

Where is the TMJ area?

This area is on both sides of the head where the jawbone meets at the skull.

What types of problems arise from the TMJ?

Since the TMJ is used while you talk, eat, swallow, yawn and many other activities is can become strained by teeth grinding or even displaced. A person may also suffer with headaches, sharp pains and inflammation of the TMJ.

How is Botox treatment with effective?

Botox is injected into the chewing (masseter and temporalis) jaw muscles, which will relax them and relieve TMJ strain. These injections will help relieve the tension of the muscles and they will be unable to enact the powerful strain that can cause the pain or headaches. The jaw muscles will be relaxed with treatment and you will still have full use of all your other facial muscles, you will just feel less pain in the TMJ area.

Dr. Keshwani is an expert Botox injector and rated one of the best in the Sugar Land – Houston area, so you can feel confident he is experienced in this type of treatment. Call 832-446-3206 today for an appointment and your free initial consultation and find out how you can find relief with Botox for your TMJ pain.

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