Radiesse for Hands


Radiesse volumizing filler for hands is an inject-able dermal filler which is FDA approved.

As you age Radiesse filler can help you with the thinning skin on your hands.



Now that the FDA has approved Radiesse filler for hands women have discovered their age in their hands can be turned back with this filler. It helps in plumping up the skin and making the look of veins seemed diminished with treatment. Radiesse helps in restoring the appearance of volume in your hands, helping in removing the bulging appearance of veins or tendons and providing a smoothing natural look to aging hands.

The treatments are relatively painless and can be performed by Dr. Keshwani in a few minutes. The treatment can last up to a year for patients and you can assume normal activities within 24 hours. There may be some side effects such as swelling or bruising and Dr. Keshwani will explain the complete procedure to his patients at treatment time.

Don’t let the overall aging appearance of your thinning skin on your hands keep you from looking and feeling younger, try Radiesse for hands today at Elite Doc Health and Beauty. Call 832-446-3206 for your appointment and free initial consultation.

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