Bellafill® Dermal Filler Treatments in Sugar Land, TX

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Bellafill Overview

Bellafill® Dermal Facial Filler Is Approved For The Smoothing Out Of Facial Wrinkles Known As Nasolabial Folds, Or Smile Lines.

Bellafill Dermal Filler Has Also Been Approved For The Correction Of Moderate To Severe Facial Acne Scars On The Cheeks In Patients Over 21.  Bellafill benefits include:

  • Looks & feels natural
  • Helps to stimulate your body to create it's own collagen
  • Makes economic sense as can last up to 5 years
  • Proven safe - proven smart
  • Smooth lines & wrinkles
  • Helps diminish acne scars

How does Bellafill work?

Bellafill is the only dermal filler that will stimulate collagen in the injection area for growth long term to help maintain a youthful appearance for up to 5 years. This FDA-approved injectable collagen filler has a polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) base which both supplies collagen directly to your skin cells for immediate results and forms a network of supportive microspheres to provide lasting structure and retain results. Now, Dr. Keshwani will help his patients to look their best without wasting time and money on frequent filler injections.

Bellafill Event
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Dr. K., partnered with Bellafill, would like to invite you for an evening of Bellafill and Bubbles! What better way to enjoy St. Patrick's Day than with an evening of champagne and delicious bites, where we want to get to know you more and thank you for your loyalty throughout the years. We will have a live demonstration, Bellafill prizes, and special deals!

Attendees will receive a one-time 25% discount on all products and procedures (excluding injectables), as well as a giveaway entry to win 2 Bellafill syringes and an exclusive Botox deal.

Treatments take approximately 30-45 minutes and Bellafill is pre-mixed with lidocaine (a local anesthetic) to ensure comfort during and after treatment. The amount of Bellafill® required will depend on the severity of the lines/wrinkles which are to being addressed. As with many fillers, you may have temporary discomfort, swelling and reddening at the injection site. These side effects are usually gone within a few days. Occasionally, you may have some bruising that usually disappears within 7 days. While most patients experience only a minimal amount of discomfort and are able to immediately resume normal activities.

A follow-up appointment is usually suggested 4-6 weeks after treatment. This allows an amount of time that will help you to decide if you would like to further enhance or correct the area.


Naz Keshwani, M.D. has been awarded to the top 1% of Bellafill injectors nationwide.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General Questions:

Are there any specific post treatment instructions?

    • Redness and swelling are normal. Bruising may also be visible
    • Do not travel by airplane within 24-48 hours after treatment
    • You may experience some tenderness at the treatment site(s) that can last a few hours or a few days
    • Depending upon the area(s) treated and product(s) used, you may feel “firmness” in the treated area(s) 
    • Apply an ice or cold gel pack to the area(s) treated (avoiding pressure) as this helps reduce swelling and the potential for bruising
    • Avoid placing excessive pressure on the treated area(s) for the first few hours and up to 2 or 3 days. Be very gentle when cleansing your face or applying makeup
    • Avoid exercise or strenuous activities for the remainder of the treatment day; you may resume other normal activities/routines immediately
    • You may take Acetaminophen/Tylenol if you experience any mild tenderness or discomfort
      • AVOID – Advil, Aleve, Aspirin, or any type of anti-inflammatory medications
    • Avoid extended UV exposure and sub tanning beds until any redness/swelling has subsided. Be sure to apply an SPF 30 or higher sunscreen when outdoors
    • If you experience significant bruising/swelling following your treatment, untreated bruising/swelling will generally fade in 5 to 14 days. 


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