IV Nutrition Therapy Treatments

An IV Nutrition Therapy Treatment Is A Procedure To Deliver Minerals, Vitamins And Other Nutrients Instantly To Your Bloodstream Through An IV Drip.

The Effects Of An IV Are Instantaneous In Comparison To Taking A Pill Or Eating Your Food, That Has To Travel Through The Digestive System And The Body Which Can Lead To Malabsorption Of The Nutrients.


IV Therapy can help your body’s immunity to fight viral and bacterial infections.


Our vitamins, minerals, and amino supplements are received from a world-renowned local pharmacy, Empower Pharmacy. This pharmacy is highly regulated and follows the strictest FDA standards to ensure the potency of every ingredient we use for IV Infusion Therapy. Based on a patient’s current or future requirements there is an IV drip that may assist with an ailment or physical needs.

According to John Myers, MD, who was a physician from Baltimore, Maryland, the inventor of the “Myers cocktail”, it is a nutrient cocktail that is administered intravenously. The IV protocols we utilize have been comprehensively researched which show can help alleviate some symptoms. Having been popularized as being an alternative regimen for certain conditions which include chronic fatigue syndrome, acute infections, asthma, fibromyalgia, and many more conditions.

With our IV Therapy, you are monitored by a physician in our Health and Beauty locations and we help to revitalize your whole body. Since we use only scientific based formulas, a custom-tailored IV infusion is prescribed for ultimate potency with a small chance of side effects. Dr. Keshwani will evaluate each patient for the unique type of drip he will prescribe, based on the patient’s needs.

The different types of IVs which are available are the Myers Cocktail, Adrenal Fatigue, Anti-Aging, Energy, Skin Brightening and Migraine drips and other specialized infusions to meet many different types of ailments and needs.