Laser hair removal for both men and women.

Laser Hair Removal

Hair Removal and Reduction by Laser.

Hair can be removed or reduced dramatically by our CandelaYag lasers.

candela laser hair removal

laser hair removal for a small area to the full body for men or women

Removing unwanted hair can feel like a full time job, especially when the available methods—shaving, depilatories, plucking, electrolysis, and waxing—are so time-consuming and inefficient. The results are inconsistent and often unsatisfactory, not to mention temporary. Fortunately, there is a solution: Elite Doc Health and Beauty’s GentleYAG Laser System, which utilizes both short and very long pulses to safely and effectively treat the broadest range of skin and hair colors, diameters and depths. Laser hair removal is not only safe, it is gentle, non-invasive, and long-lasting.

The GentleYAG Laser System safely and gently removes unwanted hair from underarms, legs, chest, abdomen, back, shoulders, bikini area, upper lip, and arms regardless of your hair or skin type. The treatment effectively removes up to 95% of existing hair and prevents re-growth. Laser hair removal is a clinically-proven, highly-reliable, and thoroughly-tested procedure that effectively removes/reduces unwanted hair without affecting the surrounding skin.

Can Anyone Do Laser Hair Removal/Reduction

Yes! Although patients with pale skin and dark hair will see the most dramatic results, all hair and skin tones and types can benefit from the procedure. Your clinician will discuss any factors that may affect your treatment process before it begins to make sure there are no issues that need to be addressed.

How Does the Laser Hair Removal/Reduction Procedure Work?

The GentleYAG Laser System emits near-infrared laser light that is absorbed by the pigment located in the hair follicle. The laser is pulsed, or turned on, for only a fraction of a second. The duration of each pulse is just long enough to damage the follicle, while the system’s unique, patented Dynamic Cooling Device™ (DCD) which cools and protects the skin. Once damaged, the follicle’s ability to re-grow is eliminated. Because of the built-in DCD, only certain treatment areas require the use of topical anesthetics or cooling gels. As you would expect, larger areas of hair removal take more time, so the procedure can take anywhere from several minutes to several hours.

How Many Treatments Are Required?

Because hair follicles regenerate in cycles, laser hair removal is an ongoing process. Multiple sessions are required since the laser only affects hair that is in the early-growth phase, meaning follicles that are active at the time of treatment. Therapy sessions will need to be continued repeatedly to ensure all follicles are hit within the proper phase, since some are dormant while others are active. Once all follicles have been disabled, hair growth will cease. Typical areas for hair removal require an average of 6-8 sessions; however certain areas may require more treatments. Your Elite Doc Health and Beauty clinician can help give you a better estimate of the number of sessions it may take for you to reach optimal hair removal. Contact our office for your appointment at 832-446-3206 and set up your free consultation.