Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

What is Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy for women or men?

A Bio-Identical Hormone replacement for the human body are a naturally compounded set of hormones for an individual based on their specific needs level.

Women can experience hormonal imbalances at any age. However, most women begin to experience hormonal decline in their late 30’s or early 40s. Besides age, hormonal imbalances can also be caused by stress, a poor diet, environmental factors, lack of sleep, smoking , or excessive alcohol consumption. The hormones that most commonly begin to decline are estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone.

If you are a man struggling with fatigue, weight gain, difficulty sleeping or decreased sex drive, you may be suffering from symptoms of low testosterone, also known as low-T.

Bio-identical hormone replacement can reduce the symptoms of perimenopause, menopause, and low-T and reverses the decline in functionality, health and well being associated with these conditions. Elite Doc Health and Beauty uses only natural hormones. These hormones are identical to those produced by your own body, molecule by molecule. Dr. Keshwani will design a BHRT program tailored to your individual needs.

To learn more about getting started with a customized Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy plan, contact Elite Doc Health and Beauty today to schedule a Free consultation.

If you are presently thinking the use of hormonal substitute therapy and you think personalized, natural hormones make more sense than the one-size-fits-all application, then you might wish to look right into naturally compounded Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy. Compounding is preparing medications tailored to each person’s specific requirements and provides them their option of drug, strength and dosage. This type of procedure will permit clinical treatments that could not otherwise be possible.

Bio-identical hormonal agents are acquired from organic plant sources to produce hormones, which are physiologically exact to the hormones that are produced normally in the body. Bio-identical hormonal agents are chemically processed from precursors located in yams or soy plants, yet they are identical to those naturally produced by the human body.

This is where the term “bio-identical plant-derived hormones” originates from. These hormones are able to comply with regular metabolic paths so that crucial active metabolites are created in feedback to every people hormonal agent substitute treatment naturally. While Synthetic hormonal agents are chemically altered and also are not similar in structure or activity to the normally taking place hormonal agents in the body.

Bear in mind that no two women are alike and also the highest value of BHRT is that it can be adapted to fit the an individual’s body and hormonal levels. Dr. Keshwani will recommend the proper strength as well as dose for each person. You can finally start the maintenance of a BHRT routine that as closely imitates your very own body as well as should continuously do so naturally for many years to come.

Now we will let you know how the Bio-Identical Hormones Get Into Your System. After Dr. Keshwani’s assessment of his patient, he will use his expertise and experience to derive a prescription for a transdermal lotion or transdermal gel which is the most reliable form of application. Then the suggested hormones in the appropriate doses are compounded in a cream or get to be put on hormone-sensitive areas on the skin for absorption via your fat cells. The locations for your applications are the busts, abdominal area as well as inner part of the arms or legs. This enables the hormonal agent to get to the target tissue, which resembles hormonal patches, which will prevent a rapid breakdown by the liver. With this kind of application it enables a much reduced strength to be made use of. Call today in Houston 832-446-3200 or Sugar Land 832-446-3206 for your Free Consultation Appointment.

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