Kybella Treatments


Kybella Treatments for Double Chin is available at both Elite Doc Health and Beauty Medical Spa Clinics.

If you are looking for a solution to your double chin that you can’t seem to get rid of Kybella injection treatments are your answer!


KYBELLA is an injectable treatment under the chin to to the jowl areas of your face. This will improve your profile and the look of any moderate to severe fat below the chin. This is usally called a “double chin” effect. KYBELLA works to kill the fat cells of this area and then eliminated by your body. This occurs while the surrounding tissues are not effected.

Between one to five KYBELLA treatment sessions may be required, with each session requiring one or two vials of KYBELLA. The clinicians at Elite Doc Health and Beauty will customize a KYBELLA treatment regimen, including the number of treatments needed, for each patient based on the amount of submental fat needed to lose and the patient’s desired chin profile. Many patients see visible contouring after 2 treatments. Since KYBELLA permanently destroys fat cells, no retreatment is required.

You can have the facial “double chin” eventually eliminated with the proper amount of treatments. Dr. Keshwani is an expert at Kybella treatments so you can rest assured for your optimal results.

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