Regenerative Medicine (Stem Cells)

We help you Stimulate the Healing from Within, with stem cell therapy.

Regenerative Medicine will put the SPARK back in your life! Working with your body to help it heal itself.


How Regenerative Medicine Works

Our world-renowned lab processes the umbilical cord of a donated healthy live birth baby. The processed abundance of growth factors, proteins, regenerative cells, and stem cells are injected into a damaged joint which begins to reduce the damaging inflammatory cells. This allows your own body to begin to repair itself.

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Joint Pain Help for all adults

To help in the reduction of joint pain. Adults who are finding they are feeling pain in their joints after running, jogging, cycling or exercising, they are candidates for stem cell therapy. If you’re still in the prime of your life and being plagued by pain and limitations consult with Dr. Keshwani for treatment regimens.

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joint pain relief with regenerative medicine

Are Golden Years feeling painful?

As we age, our body can begin to be plagued with pains and limitations. Regenerative medicine is an emerging sub-specialty in medicine that takes advantage of the newest technological advancements in the biological science industry. Now available here at Elite Doc Health and Beauty.

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