Botox Treatments For Migraines And Excessive Underarm Sweating

Do You Know That BOTOX® Can Be Used To Help Treat Migraines And Excessive Underarm Sweating.

Dr. Keshwani Has Given Botox Injections For The Treatment Of Migraines And To Inhibit Sweat Glands For Excessive Sweating.

Botox has been used to help prevent headaches and migraines before they even start. If you have been suffering from migraines and can’t find relief, Dr. Keshwani may be able to assist you with injections of Botox. Botox has been known to help prevent migraines and headaches. A treatment regimen can be prescribed by Dr. Keshwani after a full evaluation. Treatments are given every 12 weeks and usually will take 2 treatments to determine the full effect. The areas of the injections are precise and Dr. Keshwani will describe the areas of treatment for migraine and headaches relief.

Botox is FDA approved for treatment of Migraines.

Treatments with Botox injections for hyperhidrosis or overactive sweat glands are effective. People who have extreme sweating of the underarms can be very embarrassing with the constant wet spots under their arms. Suffering from excess sweating under your arms can be a disorder which can make a person socially uncomfortable when they cannot control the wetness even with antiperspirants. This type of medical condition may be controlled with Botox treatments delivered by Dr. Keshwani.

Botox can be injected to block overactive sweat gland nerves.

Botox injections helps to reduce or stop the sweat production by blocking the nerve impulses that control the function of the overactive sweat glands. This treatment will help the patient with relief of the excessive sweating from the underarms area and the embarrassment of constant wet spots.

Treatment with Botox for the relief of migraines and excessive underarm sweating can be obtained with Botox injections here at our Medical Spa. To make your appointment for a free initial consultation with Dr. Keshwani call our office today at 832-446-3206.