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Slim Beauty Fat Reduction Treatment

November 1, 2021

Patient had 6 slim beauty fat reduction treatments and lost numerous inches and tightening of her stomach and back area. This treatment helps with reducing fat and tightening muscles. Learn more about Slim Beauty fat reducing treatments by clicking here ===>

Juvederm Ultra Plus added to Lips

October 26, 2021

25 year old patient had 1 syringe of Juvederm Ultra Plus injected into her lips to achieve a fuller upper and lower lip. She was very happy that now she has added volume to her lips as she is a model.

Bellafill, Juvederm Ultra Plus and Botox

August 25, 2021

Check out this female who was treated with Bellafill, Juvederm Ultra Plus and Botox. This patient was treated with Bellafill to lift her cheeks for a younger look. Botox was injected to her eyebrow area to her align her brows evenly, around her eyes and forehead to smooth wrinkles. Juvederm Ultra Plus as added to… Read More »

Bellafill for cheeks

October 30, 2020

Patient was treated with Bellafill around her cheeks to help fill the hallows around her cheek bones which may sag with age. Patient appears younger in appearance and has a much younger looking and fuller cheek area.

Bellafill for hands

Patient was losing volume in her hands and wrinkles appeared very noticeable. Bellafill was injected into her hands to help rebuild collagen, smooth wrinkles and the appearance of fullness in her hands. This treatment helped her hands appear more youthful.

Microblading of eyebrows

Microblading of the eyebrows will help with a semi-permanent enhancement of the eyebrows. As you can tell by this photo the patient has enhanced her appearance of a fullness to her desire on her brows.

Bellafill and Luma Forte treatment

October 2, 2020

Patient was treated with Bellafill for acne scars and used Hollywood Glam Lumaforte product to help with clearing up her skin blemishes from acne scars. When a patient has acne scars which leave intentions in their skin Bellafill can help with filling in these holes by tearing down the scarring and smoothing the skin. Also… Read More »


February 28, 2020

Bellafill injections over a period of 2 years and this patient has maintained a youthful appearance. Patient is a 70 year old female.

Bellafill Treatment

December 13, 2019

The patient was treated with one syringe of Bellafill under the corners of her lips to her jawline. This was to improve the signs of aging skin and make a smoother appearance. After treatment, the patient has a smoother and younger appearance of her chin area. To learn more about Bellafill click here. Call our… Read More »

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